About Us

Since 1975, Zoom Ithalat has the wide product range which satisfied all photographers’ and in particular Professional photographers’ needs. We are in the photography sector as being the distibutor of the world’s leading brands like Lowepro,

Manfrotto, Tamron, Olympus, Phase One, Sekonic, Cambo, Lastolite, Pocket Wizard, B+W Filter, B&W Outdoor, Transcend, Pixel, Duracell, Profoto; and as being the solution partner of Eizo in Turkey.

In our business operation that we continue since our foundation, every passing day we renew and improve, and we keep giving service with proud of keeping the honesty, the love, the respect and the tolerance at the forefront .

Because we are with the ones who know the diffrence of being different since 1975.

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